How It All Started

Not so long ago we were working from our condo, at first it was great. No commuting, start when you wanted, wear what you wanted. After a while though, there was no separation from work and it got to be pretty isolating. There’s also the distractions of t.v. or wanting to take naps.

Sometimes we’d hit up a local coffee shop. More often that not it would be loud, no outlets, limited space, limited wifi and you couldn’t leave your belongings alone for too long unattended. By the end of the day we got the jitters from having to drink coffee so we would’t get kicked out. Also the added costs of  drinks and not so nourishing food was adding up. 

This put a lot of strain on our startup business. Also if we wanted to hire new employees  there was no where to put them. No way for us to guarantee a seat in a cafe, and limited space at home. As things picked up rapidly for us, a decision had to be made. 

So here we are.

Our team which grew, took up residence at 78 Berkley St. It’s a charming victorian house, that we put over six months of renovations into. So now there’s room, not only for us, but any startups or entrepreneurs looking for an ideal work space. It’s got everything from Herman Miller furniture, secure private entrances, a board room, a terrace, full kitchens – and the list goes on.

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