Good Morning Monday!

It’s a beautiful summer day. There’s a light whispering breeze with scents of flowers, birds are hopping around in search of the next great bread crumb, and the usual hustle and bustle of Toronto.

It’s one of those days where you want to be socializing, and keeping the creative energy going. Isolation can have devastating effects on us humans, if you add in stress and exhaustion – it’s a concoction for disaster. Not just us but everyone around us. Some call it Cabin Fever, think of the movie The Shining. Ok, maybe not that extreme. There’s also a great episode of The Twilight Zone – “Where is Everybody?”¬†and that pretty much sums up the effects.

Our environments can also effect us, now I’m not saying we all need to up and move to The Hills, but we can take steps for our well being. While our living situation or workplace situation may not be ideal, there are solutions. Decorate with what you can, familiar photos, trinkets, books, lighting, ¬†whatever enables your self expression. Keep in good company, and watch who you are with, as the old adage goes, you become like the five people closest to you.

Another great solution is coworking. You can collaborate with other people, network, connect and have healthy social interactions. It helps ward off isolation of endless hours at home, and distraction from coffee shops. You can meet all kinds of people with different perceptions, opinions, and ideas. This helps us grow, keep an open mind, and learn. You might run into a really difficult problem, and cannot figure out a solution. With coworking chances are someone has been through it and can offer sound advice, words of wisdom and encouragement.

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