Introverts and Coworking

We all know that person, who is mainly a recluse, quiet and reserved. The question is how will they feel coworking? It might depend on their perception, external influences and what goals they have.

From personal experience I can say that it’s actually wonderful. There are times when I need some quiet, and the lounge provides that. I’m human too so I understand the importance of connecting with others. There needs to be a balance. It’s also important to meet a variety of people. If I just surround myself with people too similar, there’s this boredom and staleness that arises. At first it’s great but over time, not so much.

There was a time when that’s all I wanted in every aspect, school mates, relationships, coworkers, the whole lot! But it gets vapid after a while, even listening to the same bands as your friends. There’s this outdated belief about having things in common with people as important, turns out to be a huge myth.

This is where coworking comes in, even for the introvert. Everyone has something unique to offer, whether its new insights or a fresh take on a project. Feed back is also critical for development, and if it’s just you, there will always be a personal bias and some blind spots. It’s always a blessing to shed some light on the more difficult aspects of being an¬†entrepreneur, and to keep your morality up. As much as I love being an introvert, we’re all in one way or another interdependent. Coworking has also taught me to look at my weak spots, acknowledge them and work with them. Never deny them. Sure I have strengths as well but both go hand in hand at the end of the day.

There are times when I just crave that Nomad alone time, just me, the quiet, and the project I’m working on. A good coworking space will respect and honour that, we each have our own ways of working, and knowing what works best for each of us. I find throughout the day there are fluctuations in creativity, being introverted, wanting to socialize, and that’s just how it goes. I’m a huge fan of flexible hours, and everything coworking spaces have to offer.

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