Things to Look for In a Coworking Office

The Interior/Exterior

This may same an odd tactic but start with the things you don’t want. Like fluorescent lighting, uncomfortable chairs or just plain ol ugly. Yes this is the first superficial layer of finding a co working space thats suitable for you. Your environment can play a huge role on your inspiration. Again this could all depend what line of career you are in, some people could care less. Meanwhile some shudder at the dull, innocuous glow of artificial lighting.


The balance between too much in common and nothing in common. While a lot of people out there search for others just like them, this can actually do more harm than good in the long run. Sharing core values and morals ought to be placed above anything else. You can learn a lot from people who are opposites. They’ll challenge you, and this helps with growth. There’s a universal rule that two of the same things cannot exist in the same place at once, one must go. So embrace the unique differences between all of us and immerse yourself with an array of humans.


Basically all humans came with them whether they know it or not. You want to work in a place that is aware of their basic virtues. This will give you a feeling of peace, security and a sense of trust. If you forgot your phone at work, you want to breath a sigh of relief, not despair. You’ll know that it’ll either be OK for the night or returned. Your favourite coffee mug will be just where it was the day before. You also want to be around other people who will encourage the best behaviour in yourself, and potential. Call it osmosis, but our awesome neurons tend to mirror the people we are with.

Clean and Maintained

Check to make sure there’s a weekly cleaning person, not just someone in the office who got assigned to the take out the garbage and wash the dishes scenario. Nobody there should be doing any of that. Your focus is on what you are working on and not having to whale eye mess that someone may have forgotten to tidy. This by no means become a Dirty Magurty yourself. Treat the place well.

Look for signs of maintenance, fresh paint, new renovations. This is a good sign the owners care about the place and the persons inside.


Beware of risky and non ergonomic pieces of furniture, your back and whole body will thank you. While some places fill their studios with cheap desks, chairs, poor lighting, your best bet is to look at long term. Ask how will sitting here for x hours a day have an effect on your physical well being? 


Look for a place that helps you connect with others, and allows you to get work done. Some locations are more of a distraction. They may be trendy but you might end up falling behind in projects or being side tracked. Check for public transit and that it’s easy to access, with out too many transfers or travel time. Give yourself about 40 minutes maximum, this allows you to get out of your usual vicinity and to venture to different parts of your city.

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